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2. Jallad (Freelstyle*)

* = Freelstyles are 60 second rap freestyle videos created for the Instagram Reels/YouTube Shorts generation.

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All Vivin records are numbered to make them easy to track and sort.

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Vivin is an independent bilingual rapper from Chandigarh, India. He creates rap records with English and-or Hindi verses. Furthermore, he is the founder of Vexillo, an independent record label and creative company.He launched his music career in April 2021 with the worldwide release of his debut record, 1. Lofi Thoughts.All Vivin records are 100% Vivin records. Meaning, he conceptualises, writes, chooses instrumentals (by renowned producers), records, markets, and releases records himself. This is intentional. This helps him in delivering artistically authentic records to his audience.His records are based on his life. He is a minority (Christian) and an immigrant (Malayali) who spent first half of his life in Chandigarh's ghettos and second half living out in gated communities. These varied experiences from his life bring about stories he chronicles for you in his records. He captures entertainment and life lessons as he narrates these stories from his life. This leads to him talking about everything from drugs, violence, flexes, and even his conversations with God.He then goes beyond music, connecting with his audience through social media where he shares self-help, behind the scenes, faith-based, posts. All these posts help his audience to level up in their lives.Entertainment + Level up, that is his mission statement.

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