1. Lofi Thoughts​​​​​​​
“1. Lofi Thoughts” is my debut record.
I released this record on April 19, 2021 via Vexillo, my independent record label. I conceptualised, wrote, recorded, mixed, and executive produced this record. The Lofi instrumentation is an exquisite Anywaywell production.
It is an introspective record. Written during the pandemic and political upheaval, the record is an emotional outlet. With death looming around, it brought some of the darkest lyricism out of me. A disconnected conversation with myself, death, and God.
Listen for yourself or watch the lyrical video below:
2. Jallad (Freelstyle)
Freestyles + Reels = Freelstyles. “Freelstyles” are my 60-second rap freestyles made specifically for 9:16/6:19 60s social media video formats. “2. Jallad (Freelstyle)”, released on April 19, 2022, was my very first one. Just announcing my arrival to the scene.
Listen for yourself:
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Born Vivin John, I now rap mononymously as Vivin. 
I launched my rap career in 2020 with the initiation of Vexillo, an independent record label I founded to release my music and creative work. Since then, I have released two numbered* singles, "1. Lofi Thoughts" and "2. Jallad (Freelstyle)", now available on all major platforms worldwide. 
About my music and I.
My audience is both desi and global, hence, my records are bilingual, in Hindi and-or English.
Furthermore, I conceptualize, write, and produce all my records. This helps me to create records that are close to the truths I portray on my records. I intend to entertain and-or help you level up through my creativity and keeping the records undiluted is essential to do so.
My records capture various aspect of my life which are made relatable to you. Chandigarh is at core of my records as I lived all my major experiences here. From conversations with God to wordplay on a record, from being a minority to being an immigrant, my records capture my truths and package them in exceptional auditory experiences for you to savour.
It does require some knowledge about me as a person to fully understand my art. That is why I invite you to follow me on social media (@vivinvexillo). 
Also, this website,, is where you can access all my records/videos.
Alright, I guess, this is the end where our journey begins.
All my records will numbered chronologically to help with sorting on your music playing app and help you keep track of my releases easily.
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