Independent bilingual (desi) rapper

My Music

0. Prelude

An electronic instrumental I produced so I could launch my music on streaming services.

1. Lofi Thoughts

This is my debut record with bilingual verses in Hindi and English. Conscious and philosophical in nature, this record came out at the height of India's pandemic wave. With death looming and farmer's protests going on, this record was created as an outlet for my own emotional condition.

2. Jallad (Freelstyle)

With an intent to get on the Instagram Reels/YouTube Shorts bandwagon, I created Freelstyles (Rap freestyles + Reels). 60 second video/audio to be released in 9:16 video format. 2. Jallad is the first in the series.

About me

Vivin John

I am Vivin.I am an Independent Bilingual (Desi) Rapper.I am based in Chandigarh, India.Independent meaning I release my record through the record label/creative firm I founded and manage, Vexillo. I executive produce all my records, each record is conceptualised, written, recorded, mixed, marketed, financed, and released by me through Vexillo.Bilingual meaning I write my records in two languages, English and-or Hindi.Rapper meaning my genre is Rap/Hip-Hop. My records are based on various aspects of my life. A minority. An immigrant. A Malayali. A Chandigarhian. I have so many stories to tell. I wrap these experiences in records with single aim, to entertain you.Beyond music, I connect with my listeners through social media. My self-help, behind the scenes, faith, daily posts help my audience level up in their lives.Entertainment + Level up, that's the mission statement.

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